Hello, I'm Nate Evans

A future focused senior designer – bridging the gap between great ideas and exceptional execution. Focused on implementing the best creative strategy.

I put the “creative” in creative problem solving.

Logitech, Zoom, & Dell

How to master the digital sphere using engaging emails, virtual events, web banners, and branding.

branding, communications, digital ads, b2c, channel | illustrator, photoshop, indesign, html

Glad & Recyclops

How to successfully advertise a partnership between a big name brand and a startup.

ux/ui design, photography, digital ads, social media, b2c | illustrator, photoshop, wordpress


How to reduce recycling contamination at events, while signing up new customers.

creative ideation, experiential design, print ads, b2c | illustrator, photoshop

Mystique Dining

How to strengthen brand presence, get more social media followers, and gain new customers.

branding, photography, print ads, digital ads, social media, b2c | illustrator, photoshop


How to generate more annual subscriptions, and improve overall user experience.

ux/ui design, marketing strategy, b2c, b2b | html, css, figma, wordpress, divi

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How to get to know me better.

My introduction, work history, interests, passion projects, books I love, and more!