Glad & Recyclops Partnership showcase

Recyclops & Glad | ux/ui design, photography, social media, b2c | illustrator, photoshop, wordpress, divi

Project Overview:

I was tasked with planning and executing an advertising campaign regarding a partnership between Glad and Recyclops. Glad requested that any assets showcasing them should feel clean and high quality, but still uphold the small-town whimsical styling of the Recyclops brand.

With my assistance Glad sent out a 300,000 recipient email to their customers announcing their partnership with Recyclops. Recyclops also sent out an email explaining the importance of this partnership as it would bring brand new heavy duty sustainable bags for their subscription recycling service. To properly showcase this partnership I created landing page that those email would link into. The landing page goal was to convert signups of Glad customers, introduce who Recyclops is, and showcase how the partnership works.

To go with the landing page and partnership, Glad also requested photos and social posts using the new Glad ForceFlex Plus bags; displaying the brand through Recyclops pickups. These photographs have since been used for countless news publications and press releases featuring this partnership. Featured on Forbes, NPR, and Recycling Today.


Lead Designer:
Nate Evans
Nate Evans
Icon Designer:
Hali Jex
Paula Andrade


Landing page
Social Media Posts