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Project Overview:

The world is more connected now than ever before. In order to boost your brand’s capability you need to tap into the potential of the digital sphere. Strong design campaigns will boost up your company and set you apart from the competition. Here are multiple projects I worked on during my agency time at Targa Media. (click to expand images)

For Logitech

The Skinny

Immersive Campaign Assets and Logo

I was tasked to help create the design elements of Logitech’s “The Skinny”. The Skinny had already been established as a simple email campaign, but Logitech’s team felt the idea could be so much more. With guidance from my creative director, Jason Steed a logo was created similar to a neon sign with a brick wall background. The neon was chosen to stand out from average Logitech communications. Paired with emails, e-sigs, and a podcast, this type of campaign allows for lead generation, news updates, and direct contact to channel.

For Dell

Dell Partner Week

Virtual Event Assets

Virtual events are great for connecting teams, training employees, showcasing speakers, and boosting team moral. When paired with strong thoughtout design your virtual event can cause waves.

For Dell Partner week this was the case. Utilizing the request of a Pacman inspired theme. I designed a mascot, headers for emails, google form heroes, and thumbnails for newsletters. These assets helped boost interest in the event resulting in new leads curated and a majority of the Dell sales team trained on new products.

For Zoom & Logitech

Zoom Review and In The Know

Newsletter Emails and Logos

By using branded newsletters paired with thought out UX design you are more likely to gain the attention of users. Strong design is as simple as understanding the way information is viewed and accommodating for it.

I created the logos, headers, and email master templates so that the monthly newsletters Zoom Report and In The Know can be quickly made, easily digestible and uphold the high standards of the Logitech and Zoom brands.


For Logitech

Logitech Digital Banners

Web and Social Banners

Not only are web banners fantastic for generating traffic to company websites, but they also increase brand awareness.

Over my time at Targa Media I created a lot of these digital banners for Logitech. Used in social media, partner websites, and more here is some of my work.

For Dell

Dell Floorwalk

Channel News/Assets Email and Logo

Emails don’t need to always be small and simple. Emails can be leveraged as monthly home bases for channel and sales teams.

With Dell’s virtual floorwalk we were able to showcase Dell news, monthly promotion materials, trainings, and events. All information showcased in one place, easily accessible to all that need it. The logo was designed to show the monthly progression.


Creative Director:
Jason Steed
Nate Evans
Avatar Designer:
Maddie Gray
Maddie Gray
HTML Developers:
Nate Evans
Taleen Erickson

Note: some designs may have been altered due to non disclosure agreements.