Stay Happy Design

Passion Project | Typography, Print, Design | Photoshop, Illustrator

Project Overview:

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s gave a fantastic Ted Talk at TEDGlobal 2012. In the talk, Your body language shapes who you are, Cuddy spoke on body posture and how holding yourself up and “power posing” can trick your brain into feeling more confident and headstrong. She spoke on how you shouldn’t fake it until you make it; fake it until you become it. 

I immediately took this to heart and made my Stay Happy design. It’s hard to remember to stay happy… especially when times are hard, but if I can surround myself with a reminder to fake it, and read it out loud everyday, maybe my perspective can change. Maybe I can create my own truth and become happy.

So now I surround myself with stickers, mugs, posters, and phone backgrounds. All of which help remind myself to stay happy even when life is hard and it would be easier to remain sad.




– Vector designs
– PNG phone backgrounds

Watch Amy Cuddy’s talk here

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