I was hired on at Mystique Dining for one reason; to take control of their marketing and improve it as a Marketing Specialist. (later promoted to Marketing and Creative Director)
Mystique Dining is a unique and intimate experience where guests enjoy a five-course gourmet meal before participating in an evening of fantastic magic by the greatest magicians in the world. Before I was hired on, Mystique Dining had no marketing/social media strategy. Although their business model was solid their graphic design, website, advertisements, and photos were subpar at best. I saw opportunity for major improvement.
The first step I took in improving the marketing of Mystique Dining was deciding who they were as a company. With the collaboration of the owner I came up with a solid identity.
The second step I took in changing the overall marketing culture of Mystique Dining is reinventing their Classic Crest logo into vector format. I also redesigned that same logo into an additional option that take up less vertical space.
Professional high quality photos were extremely lacking for Mystique Dining. In fact they didn't have any. With my background in photography, I was able to take photos of multiple shows for commercial use.
Re-branding Mystique Dining was a challenging experience, but it was overall very rewarding. With my new marketing objective put in place Mystique generated +$200,000 in revenue during the last three months of 2019 across California and Utah. This was a profit increase of 21% from the previous year. Also over a 6 month period I caused the increase +850 followers on Facebook, and +1000 followers on Instagram.

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