Brand Revamp & Guidelines

Mystique Dining | Branding, Photography, Design, Typography | Illustrator, Photoshop

Project Overview:

Mystique Dining is a unique and intimate experience where guests enjoy a five-course gourmet meal before participating in an evening of fantastic magic by the greatest magicians in the world.

All Mystique Dining advertisements lacked a solidified voice. With the collaboration of the owner, we came up with a voice & brand identity.




– Brand Guidelines
– Secondary Logo Design
– Photography

The second step I took in improving the brand of Mystique Dining was by creating secondary scaleable logo. Although the crest is a classic and memorable it does not scale properly. With some vector work I was able to copy the Mystique candelabra inspired text to create secondary logos that can scale and display Mystique location.

 Photography was also required. I was tasked with capturing these new photos and making them available to all Mystique Dining partners. Photography by me.

To tie up this brand identity the text & colors were quickly decided. Trajan pro & Apple Chancery were used for their easy to read high class feel.

And finally colors.