Brand Revamp, advertising, and social media

Mystique Dining | branding, photography, print ads, digital ads, social media, b2c | illustrator, photoshop

Project Overview:

Mystique Dining is a unique and intimate experience where guests enjoy a five-course gourmet meal before participating in an evening of fantastic magic by the greatest magicians in the world.

Although Mystique Dining’s experience was “magical” their brand, social media, and advertising techniques were lacking. I stepped in to help Mystique and CEO Terry Commons gain a more solidified voice. With the collaboration of the owner, we came up with a brand identity, social media structure, website, photography, and print/digital advertisements. 



Creative Director:
Nate Evans
Nate Evans
Web Designer:


Brand Identity
Design Collateral

The second step in improving the brand of Mystique Dining was by creating secondary scaleable logo. Although the crest is a classic and memorable it can not scale properly. After discussing it was decided that the class Mystique candelabra inspired text would create secondary logos that can not only scale, but also display Mystique location.

Part of showcasing an experience such as Mystique Dining is by capturing it in photo. I was tasked with capturing these new photos and making them available to all Mystique Dining partners.

To tie up this brand identity the text & colors were decided. Trajan pro & Apple Chancery were used for their easy to read, high class feel.

Following the brand guidelines other assets were also created.
Including: social media posts, digital ads, marquee showcases, billboards, print campaigns, and emails.